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Recruiting software
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Less distraction, easy hiring

We created LessHire to simplify the hiring process for all businesses, especially small-sized companies that need a simple and quick solution.

Enjoy a budget-friendly and fast solution with LessHire that makes hiring easier
How it works
add jobs
Create your job
You'll get a Careers site to add your job openings
promote careers site
Spread the Word!
Announce the job openings on your website, job boards, and social networks
review candidates
Review applicants
Review all job applicants using our user-friendly software
Tools to get the recruiting done
Automated emails
Automatically (or manually) send emails to candidates based on their stage progress (e.g., rejection, interview, testing)
Assessment tests
Identify the best candidates with our automated tests. Choose from our pre-made tests or create your own
Auto Disqualify
Add a "Yes/No" question to disqualify applicants if their answer is "No" automatically.
Video interviews
Easily request candidates to record a video with just one click, or automate the process as they move through different stages of the hiring process
Evaluation form
Use custom questions to evaluate job applicants with your own evaluation form.
Interview scheduling
Team calendar makes secluding interviews and other events visible to your team without extra hassle. Sync the events with your calendar App
Get a branded careers site
Experience a hassle-free, user-friendly Careers site that can be easily customized with our easy editor or with your own HTML/CSS code
Live example
Customize Your Job Applications
Create jobs with customized questions. Choose from various options, including short answers, multiple-choice, or automatic disqualification with a simple Yes/No question
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Review candidates with powerful & automated tools
All the tools you need: Video interviews, assessments, emails, evaluations, team collaboration and more
What makes LessHire different?

No third-party tracking, no data mining. Your sensitive data are stored in encrypted format (not in plain text)
You have the control
You can use any tool you prefer, like a video interview, assessment test, or evaluation form, at any hiring stage
Clear and fair prices
It's simple, affordable, and designed to meet your needs. You'll always know exactly what you're paying for without hidden fees or surprises