Privacy For Applicants

Here at LessHire, we are proud to say that we we don't fill our databases with loads of your data, we respect everyone's privacy. Unlike others, we don't track everything you do on LessHire.
And we promise, we'll never sell or trade your data

  • We collect and process your personal data and the information you provide in the application form for hiring purposes

  • We provide a withdrawal option once you submit your application form, allowing you to request the deletion of your application at any time

  • We use cookies for better user experience

  • Your data is encrypted at rest, during processing, and during transit. It is securely stored on our servers located in the United States, provided by DigitalOcean

  • Uploaded Files are encrypted both at rest and in transit

  • By submitting your application, you agree to share the data you provided with the hiring company